4746 West US Hwy 24 PO Box 9 Remington, IN 47977 219-261-3444

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Customers first   -   Keep it simple   -   Treat our employees as family

Our Philosophy

At Remington Seeds, we believe 3 simple ideas have made us successful:

  • Taking care of our customers
  • Treating our employees like family
  • Keeping it simple

Taking Care of Our Customers

Taking care of the customer is Remington's number one priority. We pride ourselves in developing partner-like relationships with our customers built on trust and mutual respect. We build trust by maintaining uncompromising confidentiality to ensure that our customer's proprietary information is protected. We have earned our customers respect by producing the highest quality product with the highest quality service.

Taking care of the customer also involves ensuring clear communication with customers throughout the year regarding crop production conditions. Employees are continually challenged to find innovative ways to contribute to customers' success.

Family Atmosphere

Taking care of our employees means treating them like family. At Remington, we work hard and play hard. We have created a culture where employees enjoy each other's company and laughter is frequently heard.

We also care deeply about the safety and well-being of our employees. Employees are engaged in workplace safety programs to ensure a safe working environment. Competitive salaries and benefits are offered and employees are encouraged to develop an "ownership" mentality through our profit sharing program.

Keeping It Simple

At Remington, keeping processes as simple as possible is a key core belief. We focus on what is important: customers, employees, and producing the highest quality product.

Remington is 100% focused on seed production, conditioning, packaging and distribution. We are not directly involved in hybrid/varietal research, trait development or engaging in direct sales to farmers. We are focused entirely on helping our customers be successful as they market their products within the agriculture industry.